Transcending 'Conscious Capitalism'

Welcome to June's Work+Transformation!  This month is a deeper dive into the nuances of what transformation in business could look like when we question the fundamentals of capitalism.  Whether that's rethinking conscious capitalism, or understanding the neurology of capitalism, or experimenting with power & privilege dynamics, it's all connected to transcending the implicit rules of our current financial system.  We wish you joy! Regards, Birju

Whole Foods and the Limits of 'Conscious Capitalism'

The Guardian explores the edges of 'business for good' and discovers the potential difficulty in forever needing to produce more for cheaper. While productivity may be part of the equation, what is lost along the way? Read Full Story »

Your Brain on Capitalism

A Professor and author explores the neurological ramifications of existing in the capitalist paradigm. Through referencing mirror neurons and neuroplasticity, he outlines the reasoning behind the erosion of empathy when markets rule all. Read Full Story »

Conscious Company Global Leaders Forum

A recap of a recent gathering of organizational leaders asking what would be considered 'conscious' in business if financial profit-making dropped much much lower on the list? Read Full Story »

Regenerative Finance: Redistributing Wealth & Power

Recent Lift Economy interview of Kate Poole, founder of Regenerative Finance. She is exploring what it means for those who have amassed pools of financial capital to 'cede power' in both subtle and concrete ways, thus becoming aware of and leveraging privilege in ways that are rarely spoken of in business. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

A reflection for this month - can you think of a time when the 'rules of the marketplace' crowded out your compassion?  how does it feel to even 'name' that?  what small way can you invite authenticity and compassion within this context?