Buen Vivir

Welcome to Work+T!  This month we push boundaries of what an investment fund could look like through Buen Vivir; we see the cutting edge approaches to naming and addressing unconscious bias; review one woman's vulnerable journey living in the spectrum of gift ecology; and see a live example of how leadership can concretely change through inner work.  Wishing you a wonderful start to the summer! Regards, Birju

The Buen Vivir Fund

How to push boundaries of an investment fund? This experiment starts looking at investments that don't just 'screen out' the social ills, but supports regeneration, without investor-driven terms, and pushes decision-making to the edges. Read Full Story »

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Workshops around understanding bias are increasingly entering the common space, but do traditional teaching approaches alone work? The Atlantic dives deeper with the researchers who study the unconscious to find approaches that can reshape organizations. Read Full Story »

The Impossible May Take a While

One of the leading voices in nonviolent communication movement shares vulnerably with her journey experimenting with forms of finance relationship that push her boundaries towards unconditional love. Her insights are powerful reminders of and 'micro-action' to engage skillfully, meaningfully, and compassionately with self and other. Read Full Story »

From Abrasive Leadership to Servant Leadership

From the Integral Leadership Review, one leadership coach describes the inner development journey of her client and senior business leader. We see the process of shifting from skill-based competence towards a nuanced understanding of leadership, not driven by positional power. We also see how such work done by a few can shift organizational culture for the many. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Where are you seeing the potential for unconscious bias in your life?  Perhaps take 5 minutes to write possibilities along with brainstorming concrete interventions to shift patterns.  Or perhaps research possibilities to learn more about your patterns through a workshop or online course.