Humility, Reflection, Dialogue ... And Money

Good day!  This month's newsletter continues to highlight a set of values connected with the transformative process - the capacity of the professional to see oneself.  The hidden patterns that continue to manifest in life not just personally, but organizationally and systemically.  Also included are some antidotes ;)  Sending best wishes for your week! Regards, Birju

The Importance of Reflection (Even if You Hate Doing it)

Harvard Business Review on really parsing - what is reflection EXACTLY? how do you do it EXACTLY? how does it change EVERYTHING? The science is clear - reflection is what fuses the neurons after novel action - if you want to grow, it seems to be key! Read Full Story »

Leaders are More Powerful When They're Humble

As the old story of heroic leader continues to collapse under our complexity paradigm, the characteristics of a new kind of leadership continue to be articulated. Here, the Washington Post outlines the effect of humility in organizational settings, with strong connection to the concept of a growth mindset. Read Full Story »

Discussion, Debate, & Dialogue; Why Its So Hard to Listen to Each Other

Brain Pickings highlights the work of David Bohm, a pioneer in the concept of 'dialogue.' The insights here shed light on the workplace value of inviting in different viewpoints and championing the dissolution of one's own viewpoint. How do take on such verbal aikido? read on :) Read Full Story »

The Soul of Money

What are the neurological consequences of being in our money paradigm? Here, Oprah Winfrey interviews money-guru Lynne Twist on the psychological underpinnings of our relationship to finance and practices to evolve (along with a pretty amazing short at the end!) Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Follow the practice outline regarding reflection, to the point of setting up time in your calendar with specific questions that you think/write about.  Perhaps share in your teams, perhaps share here!