Individual Journeys

Welcome to Work+T!  This month we've shared a few examples of individual journeys as they relate to the transformative process in the workplace.  We see how start ups, investors, and large companies all benefit from self-inquiry in tangible ways.  Enjoy! Regards, Birju

This Man Makes Founders Cry

Jerry Colonna is a CEO whisperer. After going through his own trials in life, having worked in higher levels of business, he now is building a group that focuses on supporting leaders in their transformative journey, such that it impacts multiple bottom lines. One of the opening lines in the expose from BackChannel: "Do you happen to know Jerry Colonna?" "Jerry?" ... "That guy saved my life." Read Full Story »

How VCs benefit from Self-Exploration

Be the Change media interviews Joe Hudson, a venture capitalist who is on a mission to make awakening ubiquitous. He focuses on working within high-level finance to leverage capital towards this focus, and shares his own journey along with how he does the work. Read Full Story »

Wisdom Together interviews Alfred Tolle, who leads emerging platform Wisdom Together. Alfred describes his own journey, as a senior leader in technology (Lycos, then Google), towards inviting inner-work into the workplace. Read Full Story »

Practice Circle: Uncovering Interconnectedness

The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies recently shared their latest community building tool - the connection circle. This is something you can try at your own workplace. Check out this months reflection on ecological harmony in our work. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

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