Flourishing, Generosity Burnout, And Crucial Conversations

Welcome to Work+Transformation!  This month are several pieces from different perspectives in workplace transformation.  Included in the letter are 2 book reviews, both of value to read in full :) Regards, Birju

Flourishing Enterprise

A book review of what it means to be a company that flourishes, for all stakeholders. Building on the principles of positive psychology, author Chris Laszlo articulates how being in an enterprise can support our well-being. Read Full Story »

Beat Generosity Burnout

Recap of an HBR webinar with luminaries in the field. The question - what are skillful ways to engage with being a 'giver'? If giver's are strongly represented at the top AND bottom of orgs, what's separates them? And what are practices of self-compassion to be a giver for the long run? Read Full Story »

Crucial Conversations

Review of book outlining how to bring a transformative approach to tense conversations (the one's we don't want to have). The premise is that transformation is most of value in those intense times, and saying 'yes!' to such conversations is supportive to our own growth as people. Read Full Story »

Transformative Value Chains

A case study of a company in Canada that asked how to bring their transformative work into their supply chain. Not just to have 'eco-friendly' practices in their supply chain, but to invite well-being and regeneration across their suppliers. Powerful review of what happened! Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Reflect on a crucial conversation you'd like to have.  Where is there a stuckness in your life, opinions vary, and emotions are strong?  If it feels very alive to you, perhaps pick up the book and try to follow a new pattern of interaction.  If you do, please share!