Teaching+T: Making A Difference

It is no secret that teachers make a difference in their students' lives. Sometimes, a teacher goes above and beyond, like Mrs. Lung, who dedicated herself to supporting a young boy as he learned English. 
In Hawaii, a shift toward place-based, experiential education has had a positive impact on student outcomes, especially for Native Hawaiians. 
And in Pennsylvania, schools doubled their solar power, not only helping the planet and saving money, but also providing STEM-learning opportunities.
This week's stories highlight how new approaches and dedication can make a difference in a student's life!

Author Thanks Teacher Who Taught Him English

As an adult, author Jamil Jan Kochai, is finally able to thank his 2nd grade teacher for teaching him English and changing the course of his life. Read Full Story »

Aina-Based Learning

A growing movement looks to raise Hawaii's next leaders through place and experiential learning. Findings indicate that these programs have had a positive impact on student outcomes. Read Full Story »

How Solar Power Fuels Schools

Pennsylvania schools doubled their solar power in the last two years. This helped not only the planet but also the schools’ bottom line and education. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week, reflect on someone who made a difference in your life and find ways to pay it forward.