Teaching+T: Uvalde, Texas

This past week, educators in the U.S. watched and listened with heavy hearts as they learned about the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. We are hoping that this newsletter can bring some comfort in the face of this tragedy and unite all of us as educators from around the globe to honor the victims. We are sharing these stories with the hope that they may start ripples of compassion and change. --Daniela

How Teachers Talked About Uvalde With Their Students

Teachers across the U.S. were once again faced with the difficult task of providing support to their students after a school shooting. Read about some of these conversations. Read Full Story »

Therapy Dogs Arrive for Students

Several organizations have sent therapy dogs to Uvalde to provide comfort and support at hospitals, schools, churches, and other locations. Read Full Story »

Oklahoma City Sends Hope Bears

Since the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum has sent Hope Bears to others during their worst times. This time is no different. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

Be the change and join Trevor Lee from Bristol, Tennessee, and write a letter of hope for the Uvalde community.