Teaching+T: Creative Compassion

When times are hard and resources scarce, we need people with compassion and creative solutions. This has never been more true than during the pandemic when schools closed and children and families battling hunger suddenly faced an even more uncertain future. 

This week's stories are beautiful examples of how compassion and creativity can make a life-saving difference for so many.

A Street Becomes A Classroom

Meet the teacher who turned a street into a classroom. Instead of giving up during the pandemic, he turned the challenge into an opportunity, setting up an open-air school of sorts, using the outside of buildings as blackboards and the streets as classrooms. Read Full Story »

College Clears Student Debt

This Community College has cancelled student debt for more than 3,400 people.The college is also providing students with free housing and up to $2,500, using federal money. Read Full Story »

School Opens Free Grocery Store

This free in-school grocery store is tackling child hunger, one family at a time. The store offers an array of foods, household items, toiletries, and even clothes and shoes for students and their families. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week reflect on opportunities to do good in your community with the help of some creative compassion.