Teaching+T: Towards A Brighter Future

This week's stories highlight initiatives clearing the way towards a brighter future: sweeping education reforms in China, schools redesigning buildings with climate in mind, and business owners donating the money needed to pay off their employees' student debts.  --Daniela

China bans exams for 6-7 year-olds

As part of sweeping education reforms, China banned written exams for 6- and 7-year olds stating that "the pressure on pupils from a young age 'harms their mental and physical health.'" Read Full Story »

The Schools Designing for Climate

US public schools are redesigning buildings with climate in mind, increasingly transitions to greener options. Read Full Story »

Business Owners Pay Employees' Student Debt

The owners of a marketing firm have paid off $4 million of their employees' student debts. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week reflect on how you and your community can make a difference and be part of a brighter future for all.