Teaching+T: Making Dreams Come True

High school students design a car seat connector for a new dad in a wheelchair; medical students create a program so that others applying to med school can get their application fees waived; and elementary school students use mindfulness for better sleep: this week, dreams are coming true! --Daniela

Maker Students Innovate For Teacher's Husband

High school students taking elective Making for Social Good build a car seat connector for wheelchairs so that dad can take baby son for strolls. Read Full Story »

It Costs Thousands To Apply For Med School. They Plan To Change That.

A group of medical students teamed up with the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada to start a project called Price of a Dream, so that students can apply to get their Med School application fees waived. Read Full Story »

Research: Mindful Children Sleep 1+ Hours More

In a study, students who participated in a mindfulness training slept over an hour more. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

Reflect on a time when someone's kindness, compassion, and support made a dream come true for you. How can you help someone realize their dreams?