Teaching+T: Kind Lessons

This week's stories remind us that helping others is important because, as stated by 8-year old Keoni, "it just makes the world a better place." --Daniela

New Zealand Kids Help Butterflies Facing Extinction

After learning that a once-thriving butterfly species native to their hometown is facing extinction, students in New Zealand built a special habitat to help bring the butterflies back. Read Full Story »

Greek Teacher Creates TV Class for Inmates

With internet devices banned in prison, a Greek teacher came up with a unique idea to deliver virtual classes to the young inmates during the pandemic: he created a dedicated TV channel. Read Full Story »

8-Year Old Pays Off Classmates' Lunch Debt

For Kindness Week, an 8-year old student in Washington state decided to raise money for his classmates' lunch debts by making keychains. Once word got out, the project grew even bigger. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week, keep your eyes and heart open to opportunities to help others in your community. Together we all can make "the world a better place."