Teaching+T: Unlikely Ways To Thrive

This week's inspiring stories shine the spotlight on a high school grocery store, a school in a remote tribal village, and a high school scholarship created by prison inmates. --Daniela

High School Grocery Store Accepts Kind Acts as Payment

A high school in Sanger, TX opened a grocery store for its students and their families. Instead of paying with money, students earn store credits through their good deeds on campus. Read Full Story »

How the Pandemic Brought a Remote Village Its First School

Three friends decided to stay in a remote tribal village and open a school. Now, five months later, they have decided to start another school in a nearby village. Read Full Story »

How Prison Inmates Raised $30K For A Student

Inmates in California raised $30,000 to create a scholarship for a high school student in need, after meeting through a book club. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week reflect on how you have witnessed unexpected acts of kindness. Maybe you were able to pay it forward or received kind support. As Jason Bryant said in the last article, "If more people just decided to do good things, this world would be a better palace."