Teaching+T: How To Talk To Kids About Racism

This week, we are grateful to share three inspiring stories of children and teachers standing up to racism. --Daniela

Kids Create Artwork On Boarded Up Businesses In Michigan

When businesses boarded up windows in Kalamazoo, Michigan, an art teacher didn't see destruction she saw a blank canvas. Read Full Story »

How to Explain Racism to 5 Year-olds

"One way to stop racism is to call it out when you see it!" A kindergarten teacher who created a video about race for her students says she hopes the video helps inspire other teachers to make race an ongoing conversation in their classrooms. Read Full Story »

Sesame Street Talks about Racism

"Coming Together: Standing Up To Racism" -- a town hall for kids and families brought to you by Sesame Street, addressing questions about how to combat racism and sharing a message with kids about how to make a change. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week, reflect on how you discuss racism with your students. Are you sharing books and stories or using creativity such as art and poetry? How do you keep the conversation going? [more]