Seeds + Transformation: First Newsletter For Cultivators

Every moment bears fruits, sweet or bitter, of seeds sown in the past. We can learn to enjoy the sweet fruits with gratitude and spread their seeds; avoid or endure the bitter fruits (if necessary) with equanimity and expunge their seeds; and in that process, transform ourselves. Shared through this newsletter are stories, experiences and reflections from many sources to help us wisely deal with our fruits and seeds.

The Fruit of Hard Times
A sense of cosmetic beauty has taken over the world replacing the real and natural cosmic beauty. In this excerpt from the book The One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka, we share his view on how our thoughtless cosmetic preferences are affecting the entire food industry from the farmer to the retailer, not to mention our health and the environment: 

Speaking biologically, fruit in a slightly shriveled state is holding its respiration and energy consumption down to the lowest possible level. It is like a person in meditation: his metabolism, respiration, and calorie consumption reach an extremely low level. Even if he fasts, the energy within the body will be conserved. In the same way, when mandarin oranges grow wrinkled, when fruit shrivels, when vegetables wilt, they are in the state that will preserve their food value for the longest possible time. Read Full Story »

From Skin Deep to Soul Deep
Thousands of people around the world are choosing locally grown organic food; are growing food in their own home garden; are taking up farming; are researching, writing, designing, coding, advocating, singing, dancing, filming, volunteering and funding to help themselves and others go beyond unsustainable and costly appearances - to go beyond value and beauty that is skin deep to that which is soul deep.

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We will connect you with ideas, local heroes, knowledge, tools and other resources to contribute to this movement. Read Full Story »

'Be the Change' Idea: Look at a person, place, object or situation today beyond appearances. Find out if you could touch a moment in your observation that reveals a deeper value and beauty. Reflect on that moment and share your observation with us.