Quinoa Effect And Cofee Lessons

It's always nice to see developed countries trying something ancient. Find out how the "quinoa effect" is spreading in Europe. These days, you could be severely punished by nature for doing the right thing. But if you stick to it, the rewards are almost miraculous. This is what El Toledo, a coffee farm in Costa Rica discovered.

Ancient Crops to Counter Climate Change
India rediscovered the glory of millets, a variety of small grains rich in protein and free from gluten two and a half decades ago. Ever since the popularity of millets has spread across the nation to a point where many main stream restaurants in south India have a separate millet based menu. Millets are easy to grow, need little water, no fertilizer of pesticides needed and a wide variety of food items can be prepared from them and are a great source of nutrition that common people can afford. It is great for the environment, for the farmer, for the marketer and the consumers. Now Europe is getting serious about small grains and other protein rich species as an alternative to animal protein. It is a great step in the right direction.

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How Nature Likes its Coffee
"Whether in Costa Rica or the United States — if an academic shows up on a farm and tells the farmers to, “Stop trying to control what happens,” and, “Give the farm back to nature,” that’s when the shotgun comes out and you’re kindly asked to leave." But one couple listened and what followed was a beautiful, natural restoration of a farm and many lives. Read Full Story »

'Be the Change' Idea: Try a millet recipe this weekend, you will be supporting a much needed change in food habits. Try implementing one sustainability change per day for a whole month!