Laddership News: Experiments In Giftivism

From two more Circles starting, to quite a few experiments in giftivism, the ripples of our Laddership Circles continue to flow out into the world. --Nicole and Jane

Faces of June Laddership!

Our next Laddership Circles are underway this summer, with 16 fellows, 8 volunteers, and bunch of invisible advisors! From Vietnam to Spain, UK to India, Ireland to Australia to across the U.S., we're looking forward to another deep dive into transformative designs and beyond! 

Giftivism at Fran's Peace Conference!

On Earth Day this year, Fran and her university students wove together their 10th annual Peace Conference!  Each year's gathering builds on the next, from last year's shining ripples to this year's growing spirit of giftivism! 

And Psssst ...

A recent visit to Kent Middle School was witness to Melissa's nonstop laddership-in-action! :)