Laddership News: Summer Roundup

As we bid farewell to a most unusual Summer, we reflect on the alchemy of uncertainty and the mystery of gift. --Nicole and Jane

When Circles Pivot to Pods: Alchemy of Uncertainty

After many years of holding immersive 6-week Laddership Circles, with hundreds of alumni from around the globe, we heard many clamors of a daily “Laddership Pod”. So we piloted an ad-hoc experiment. Here's what happened. [more]

Mystery of Gift Designs

Early in the summer, we circled up to consider how Laddership values have translated into our lives and projects, and how people have implemented gift experiments in a market economy. Mystery and practicality follows. :-) [more]

And Psssst ...

Bonnie reflects on kindness in a pandemic, and the joys of connecting with strangers while wearing a face mask. :) Last month, Paulette dialogued with Janessa and Guri on her stirring journey in cultivating inner stillness and over a decade of gift-based living. And, our next Laddership Pod is starting in a couple weeks!