Laddership News: In Challenging Times

The world has changed and as we all rise to face great challenges together, this month we have some wisdom from our ecosystem about hope and about possibility in adversity. We are also calling on all laddership alums to share your journeys and insights as we enter our 5th year of circles! --Nicole and Jane

Being The Peacemaker

Bonnie Rose talks here about the insights from a visit by Fran Faraz who is program director for Peace Studies, this pearl seems particularly apposite in our challenging times: "Inauthentic hope pretends that everything is fine, even when it isn’t. Authentic hope addresses the reality of challenges and labors to gain the peace and understanding that lead to positive change-worthy actions." [more]

Returning To The Village

Hang Mai's journey shifted from corporate world to rural farmer, where she and her husband live on 2 dollars a day, intentionally not to seeking the 3rd dollar. Collectively, their community of love warriors unearth a quiet revolution of the heart! [more]

And Psssst ...

Calling Alums: As we cross 5 years of Laddership Circles, we'd love to hear your updates, learnings, and perhaps circle up for an alumni call to support your ripples! [more]