Laddership News: Ladders & Transformation

The process of laddership creates the circumstances in which transformation can arise - not as formula but as rich possibility. This month, Parag introduces an exciting new circle of fellows for the Laddership Circle (nicknamed "Monsoon" :)) that's just begun in India. Recent alum of another circle, Sylvia, brings us a stirring story of subtle laddering from her time with Mother Teresa. --Nicole and Jane

Another Circle Launches in India!

The "Monsoon" Laddership has just started in India and, introducing the circle, Parag Shah brings us this beautiful reflection on the organic nature of human transformation and how laddership creates a space where people can hold different and difficult questions together. [more]

Lesson from Blue Medicine

Sylvia Morales brings us this deeply affecting story of a small but profound incident that rippled a transformation in her understanding of the nature of love, and that continues to ladder her through moments of difficulty. [more]

And Psssst ...

Last month in London, Shamash in ripples out packages of hope and Harsha receives an intangible gift from a two-year-old!