Laddership News: The Webs We Weave

May sees the spider furiously spinning in this part of the world, ready to catch the abundant life that has sprung up. This month's stories reminded me of this: how we are always weaving with our thoughts and actions and the magic that happens when we weave with presence and kindness. --Nicole and Jane

Dubai Desert Days

Sehr describes a rollercoaster of kindness, action and connection spun out from a trip to get an ordinary trip to obtain a licence to the extraordinary event of Syrian children visiting an oasis of a farm in the Dubai desert, organised by 60 visible and invisible hands. [more]


The Gift of Presence

Jignasha's attempts to write a laddership reflection become a magical mystery tour led by a group of children who befriended her, just because :-) Another admin task becomes a trip to a hidden forest temple and a glimpse of the multiverse in a child's view of the world. All woven magically by presence. [more]

And Psssst ...

Ripples of our recent Doctors Laddership Circle abound -- as Devendra embarks on 21 Days of Gratitude at Aravind Eye Hospital and Annamalai's cataract film receives some fancy awards!