Generosity Entrepreneurs

Somik wrote, "In Creative Commons, the last mile problem was that folks who knew they wanted to give copying rights didn't know how to do it easily, and mindfully. CC provided the knobs to turn based on one's situation, and out came a license that one could put into their work, with legal standing. I am wondering if there is some version of this for us. When someone wants to adopt some form of giftivism, what knobs can we offer?"

  • The intention behind a well-articulated model is to address the concerns of the head on the small details, driving action.
  • This piece would come downstream of heart - after someone's tasted love/generosity in the ecosystem and wants to try an experiment in giftivism, this is a quick way to communicate knobs one can turn around action.
  • A well-articulated model should have no judgment (value-loaded terms) implied in its language whatsoever, leaving all judgment to the individual.

To that end, here's a possible proposal:

Currency Amount Proximity
Next Person

Some examples ...

Awakin Circle CL AV PW
Karma Kitchen CM AV PN
Pay-What-You-Can CM AV PM
Gift, with Donation to NGO CM AV PC
Aravind (social entrepreneurship) CM AV PM
Traditional Transaction CM AF PM

If you have any questions or ideas, please email us anytime.