World Citizenship

January 09, 2015

Every week, we feature excerpts by Gandhi that lend insight into his values and personal practices.

At a prayer meeting Gandhi addressed the concerns of a correspondent who asked: "Now that India has been partitioned how can you call yourself a citizen of united India? Now what belongs to one dominion cannot belong to the other." His response as follows:

December 15, 1947

"Whatever the legal pundits may say they cannot rule the hearts of men and women. Who can prevent the correspondent from saying that he is a citizen of the world? Legally that is not the case and some countries have laws that would prevent him from entering those countries. But if one has not been reduced to an automation, as some of us have not been, what does it matter to one what one’s legal status is? So long as we are morally on the right path we do not have to worry. What we have to take care of is that we do not nurse enmity towards anyone."

M.K. Gandhi
New Delhi, 1947 

Source: CWMG, Vol 98, page 60.

Be The Change

Try not to use IDs this week. Your compassionate heart, shining eyes, empathic ears, attentive mind, courage, love... these all are the true IDs of a citizen of the World.