Let's Eat - A Tale Of Mothers & Daughters

February 24, 2024

Quote of the Week

"A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary." Dorothy C. Fisher

Let's Eat

"Let’s Eat is an 8-minute animated short film that centres on the relationship between a mother and daughter in a Chinese-American immigrant family.

As a single parent in an unfamiliar country, Ma’s entire life centres around raising Luan, her rambunctious young daughter. Likewise, Luan spends her childhood indulging in endless quality time with her playful, loving mother. However, as Luan grows up, it isn’t long before daily life interferes and causes mother and daughter to grow apart. By channelling their feelings into cooking, the two strive to find their way back to each other, one homemade meal at a time.

Ma and Luan’s tale touches upon mother-daughter relationships, and the unspoken translation of love into food - familiar themes reflected through a fresh perspective." [watch video]

Reading Corner


By: Christine Adams

Ages: All ages

"A touching exploration of motherhood unfolds, inviting emotional reflections on past and future moments. The inclusion of a special Memory Page allows readers to preserve their own memories, garnering praise from varied perspectives, such as a teacher, speech therapist, and pediatric oncology nurse. The combination of heartfelt illustrations and a universal narrative makes this a cherished keepsake." - Amazon Reviewer

Be the Change

What's your favourite moment/memory with your mother? Share a few stories from the old treasure box with your kids this week :)