The Yoga Tree of Life

June 03, 2023

Quote of the Week

"The inspiration you seek is already inside you, be silent and listen." - Rumi

The Yoga Tree Of Life

The International Day of Yoga is coming up on June 21st and it feels like a good time to reflect deeper on what studying and practicing Yoga can offer to children as a foundation and guide to live a fulfilling life. In this week's newsletter we share some perspectives and approach to teaching yoga to children by someone who has been doing it since more than 20 years.

Scrolling through Instagram, one might perceive yoga as an activity for super flexible bodies, dressed in funky clothing and contorting into impossible poses. In actuality, Yoga is so much more and the poses are merely one part of this ancient practice and for children there are many other important aspects to consider. In this blog she explores Patanjali’s Eightfold Path and specifically how we can include yoga philosophy in children’s classes. [Read More]

Reading Corner

Title: Um, Like... Om
By: Evan Cooper
Age: 13+

Um, Like... OM goes above and beyond teaching the technique of yoga: it reveals how yoga can help teenage girls face any challenge that comes their way, from dealing with difficult parents to break-ups to the pressure to conform. Written in a hip and empathetic voice by a yoga practitioner who knows all about the ups and downs of the teenage years, this book also provides tips and tricks on how girls can tell their inner critic to take a hike and embrace the girl goddess within. Even though some references are a bit dated, the timeless wisdom of Yoga presented in a way that teenagers can relate to makes it a valuable read.

Be the Change

Reflect on what the 5 Yamas mean to you - (1) Ahimsa (Non-violence), (2) Satya (Truth), (3) Asteya (Non- stealing), (4) Brahmacharya (Self-control) and (5) Aparigraha (Non-accumulation). Think of at-least one change you need to make in your life to make the foundation of your life stronger and go ahead and do it.