Creative and Courageous Love

April 22, 2023

Quote of the Week

"One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't do." - Henry Ford

Power Of Creative And Courageous Love

"Share a moment when you witnessed the power of creative and courageous love!"

A question worth reflecting for every parent! Here's a beautiful and an incredibly courageous response to the question Christine (also a Kindful Kids subscriber) responded to as she witnessed the power of simplicity and asking fearlessly through her daughter. When we tune in and listen to these subtle wisdomful nuggets from our children, it dominos into a ripple of incredible goodness. Here's the story in her own words!

"Last summer I was watching my son play soccer at his first practice, my 9 year old daughter sitting next to me. As I cheered him on I flippantly remarked “coaching this age group is easy, you just have to cheer them on like this, run! Hustle! Go go go!”. My daughter said nothing. A moment later she asked “Mama, come with me, I have to show you something.” “What is it?” I whined (I did not want to stand) “the park? I have seen it” “no mama, come please I have to show you”. I finally gave into her pleading and followed her. She walked over to where the coaches stood and tapped one on the shoulder of one, saying: “Excuse me, my mom wants to be a coach.” I was dumbfounded. My jaw dropped and I stared incredulously at this wiley child of mine, as she stared back with a wry smile. The coach immediately piped up “We could definitely use the extra help!”. “I know nothing about soccer” I said. “No problem!” he responded. And that is how I came to be an assistant coach to 13 seven year old boys, a role that opened my eyes to a whole new type of leadership, patience, compassion and love. I still mostly just cheered them on, but it was enriching and gratifying to do it from the other side of the sidelines. All because of my daughter’s courageous and creative love."

Watch the story in her own words here [watch video]

Reading Corner

Title: Ricky, the Rock that Just Couldn't Rhyme

By: Mr. Jay

Ages: 3 and up

Ricky the Rock is back and starring in a brand new adventure! When Ricky's school teacher gives the class an assignment to write a story using rhymes, Ricky begins to panic - he doesn't know how to rhyme! How will he ever write a lyrical story?

Ricky loves all of his classes in school. But when his Reading and Writing teacher assigns the class an assignment to write a story using words that rhyme, Ricky gets worried:

Ricky felt lost - his head started to spin.
So he turned 'round to talk to his friend, Tess the Tin.
"Rhyming's confusing," Ricky said with a frown.
But Tess said, "Cheer up, and don't look so down.
You just need some practice - you'll figure it out!
You'll learn how to rhyme - I haven't a doubt."

As Ricky and Tess leave school for the day, Tess is determined to help her friend learn how to rhyme. Will Ricky figure it out? Will he be able to complete his school assignment? You'll never guess how this story ends!

This clever, hysterical picture book, written in verse (of course!), brings fan favorites Ricky the Rock and Tess the Tin, together in a story that is fun to read, with a powerful lesson about the importance of trying. - Publishers

Be the Change

Inspired by the article today, we'd love to ask all parents, teachers and readers of Kindful Kids newsletters, share a moment when you witnessed the power of creative and courageous love.