Ten Fun Ways To Teach Children About Different Cultures

March 11, 2023

Quote of the Week

"In diversity there is beauty and there is strength." --Maya Angelou

Ten Fun Ways To Teach Children About Different Cultures

"Kids are curious by nature and discovering that there are people and places around the world that are both similar and different from them is an important way to teach them about diversity and acceptance. Learning about different cultures around the world is an important way to help teach your children empathy, acceptance and understanding and give them cultural awareness that there is much more beyond the small world they currently know. Best of all, you can teach kids about different countries and cultures around the world, without even having to leave your home country! This week's featured article shares activities to learn about different cultures in the world that can get the whole family involved."

Reading Corner

Title: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes
By: Mary Lee Donovan and Lian Cho
Ages: 4-8

"Whether offered in English or Urdu, Japanese or Lakota Sioux, the sentiment opens doors to friendships unimagined. Shared among family, friends, or strangers around a table of food, no matter how humble, the sense of welcome can build more bridges than political edicts. From celebrating Sukkot to offering shelter from a storm, smiles and greetings level many barriers. “May the road rise to meet you, / and walls fall away.” Donovan’s gentle, multilingual poem [...]whispers a call to the souls of those in want of comfort. The belief that each of us matters, regardless of religion, nationality, or race, comes through with sincerity. [...] Cho’s warm watercolor portrayals of myriad faces from different cultures meld seamlessly with the text, depicting welcoming households all over the globe. [...] Céad mile fáilte to this heartfelt message of inclusivity and compassion." --Kirkus Reviews

Be the Change

Here are some ideas to get your kids excited about trying cuisines from around the world!  Read one of the books, try a new recipe and cook up something new with your kids. Let us know how it went and if you have any favorites!