The Importance of Teaching Gardening to Children

March 04, 2023

Quote of the Week

"A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust." -- Gertrude Jekyll

The Importance And Benefits Of Teaching Gardening To Children

"There's this common misconception that gardening is an activity best suited for the elderly. However, that is not even remotely true. You see, studies have shown that there are many benefits of introducing gardening to kids at age toddlers to preschoolers. Through garden play, children acquire and improve crucial skills, have fun, and develop self-confidence all the while all the while enjoying a nature-friendly childhood."

This week's article from
Montessori in Nature highlights many of the amazing benefits of teaching young children how to garden and grow their own vegetables including learning to care for their environment, eating healthier, engaging all of their senses, reducing stress levels and even developing fine motor skills. [Read Article]

Reading Corner

Title: Toot and Puddle: How Does Your Garden Grow?
Author: Holly Hobbie
Ages: 2-6

Listen to this week's recommended book in this read-aloud video!

"Toot & Puddle, with help from cousin Opal, are planting the dream garden they've always wanted. But when the plants arrive, so does trouble. Someone or something keeps eating all of the spinach! Not wanting to share with the theif, they try everything from putting up signs to fencing the garden in, all to keep out the unwanted visitor. When the trio finally does find out who's eating all the vegetables, they decide that maybe sharing is the best way to go after all." -- Publishers

Be the Change

Take a small step this week towards connecting your child with gardening, whether it's buying a houseplant to look after, planting a few seeds in a pot, growing your own herbs or even preparing to plant a vegetable garden this spring! This DIY guide shares many tips on how to get started with gardening with kids to help you along the way.