Six Simple Ways To Be A More Present Parent

February 11, 2023

Quote of the Week

"The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion." --Thich Nhat Hanh

Six Simple Ways To Be A More Present Parent

Everyone has heard people tell them to "enjoy your children when they are young--it goes by so fast". Often in the midst of the bustle of everyday life we don't realize that the "someday, when...." that we might be dreaming of will be here before we realize it and we will perhaps wistfully look back on those childhood memories. It all happens so fast--the transitions of raising a child into a grownup human. Instead of thinking of a future when things will certainly be different than they are now, it's important to pay mindful attention to the here and now and focus on the present moment. Practicing mindfulness and truly being present with your children takes practice, one tiny step at a time. This week's featured article from Parents magazine offers actionable, practical tips for doing just that.

Reading Corner

Title: Parenting With Presence: Practices For Raising Conscious, Confident, Caring Kids
By: Susan Stiffelman
Ages: Adult

"Our children can be our greatest teachers. Parenting expert Susan Stiffelman writes that the very behaviors that push our buttons — refusing to cooperate or ignoring our requests — can help us build awareness and shed old patterns, allowing us to raise our children with greater ease and enjoyment. Filled with practical advice, powerful exercises, and fascinating stories from her clinical work, Parenting with Presence teaches us how to become the parents we most want to be while raising confident, caring children." --Publishers

Be the Change

Try out any of the practices outlined in this week's article and notice how it changes your interactions with your children.