8 Ways to Be a More Mindful Parent This Christmas

December 17, 2022

Quote of the Week

"Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas." -- Peg Bracken

8 Ways To Be A More Mindful Parent This Christmas

"With just a couple of weeks until Christmas is upon us, you may already be feeling the chaos descending! There are to-do lists and shopping lists and gifts to wrap and people to visit and end of year parties and concerts to attend. It can feel overwhelming. For us big elves, and for our little elves too.

And what happens when we feel overwhelmed? There are meltdowns. Whining. Arguments. Yelling. Not enough sleep. Too much anxiety. And very little joy. And that’s just the adults!

Let’s face it. Christmas induced stress can make it hard to parent mindfully. But it’s not impossible. Here are eight things you can do to reduce some of those parenting struggles, manage your stress and have a calmer Christmas this year." [Read Article]

Reading Corner

Title: Mindful Parenting: Simple and Powerful Solutions for Raising Creative, Engaged, Happy Kids in Today's Hectic World
By: Kristen Race
Stage: Baby-Teens

"In our increasingly hectic world, many parents feel too busy, stressed and distracted to teach their kids how to live healthy lives. In Mindful Parenting, Kristen Race will show you how to slow down, model mindfulness, and stay connected as a family. Rooted in science and filled with practical takeaways, this is a welcome and needed book for all parents." --Dr. Laura Markham, author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

Be the Change

As the article suggests, give your family the gift of your time as the festive season gets underway. Find 10-15 minutes to enjoy "special time" with each of your children on their own daily this coming week, while they are home for the holidays, in order to help them feel connected. Spend an evening with the grown-up(s) in your life without phones and screens to offer each other the gift of your presence and spend quality time connecting.