Family Habits to Help Siblings Get Along in Quarantine

May 02, 2020

Quote of the Week

"The greatest gift our parents gave us was each other. " -- Unknown

Keeping Siblings From Each Other's Throats During Quarantine Forced Togetherness

"Family life is hard enough in ordinary times, because kids are still learning basic skills to get their needs met without attacking others .... and, truth be told, so are parents. So right now, in the middle of the virus pandemic, it's not surprising that many homes feel like a pressure cooker. If your children are at each others' throats and you're getting fed up, you're not alone.

It's natural to snap and start shouting threats. But since all humans rebel against control, you just end up escalating the drama. And since punishment doesn't address the emotions and needs causing your children's "bad" behavior, this approach ends up creating more antagonism. Luckily, there's a better way. Address the needs and feelings that are driving the behavior, and you can nip it in the bud. Here are five family habits you can structure into your life in quarantine to help with emotions, meet needs and heal sibling rivalry -- for more peace and affection all around." [read article]

Reading Corner

Title: The Railway Children
By: E. Nesbit
Ages: 9+

Why?  "For me, this book, published in 1906, illustrates one of the main advantages of being part of a sibling group rather than an only child – when something bad happens to your family and you have to move away from everything and everyone you know, at least you and your siblings are in it together. I love this story for many reasons, one being the way in which it depicts the main character (Bobbie) as both needing the company and support of her siblings, but also needing time to be alone. In fact the incredibly moving end scene probably wouldn't have felt as strong if it had involved all three children instead of just Bobbie. " -- Gwyneth Rees

Be the Change

This week schedule one-to-one time with each child, offering your full presence to him/her alone to deepen your connection.