Redefining Grateful

November 17, 2018

Quote of the Week

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough." - Melody Beattle

Redefining Grateful

There are lots of reasons why it’s important to be thankful and show gratitude for the people and things we have in our lives. Thanksgiving is not just a date on the calendar. Thanksgiving is a daily discipline that we could all develop in our lives.

Here’s a beautiful experience of a mother and her children of why it’s great to be grateful not only at Thanksgiving but all year long!

"As human beings, we are reminded to be thankful for the small blessings in life. We even have a holiday devoted to it.

And it’s awfully easy to be thankful on the fourth Thursday of November when you are sitting around the table with your family or friends, your bellies and hearts full. But the real challenge is the first Monday of February. Or the third Friday in September. And every other day of the year." [read more]

Reading Corner

Title: God Gave Us Thankful Hearts
By: Lisa Tawn Bergren
Ages: 3-7

"Adventurous Lil Pup is bummed that hibernating season will soon be coming to the Great North Woods. Why should so many of his friends have to go in for the winter and leave Lil Pup without pals? Mama reminds her little wolf that not all animals hibernate, and how he can be grateful for the beautiful autumn season – for jumping in leaf piles, eating apple treats, and celebrating the wonders of fall with his forest friends. And she points out…. “I think the trick to having a thankful heart is thinking about the things that make us happy, rather than the things that don’t.”  

Lil Pup learns that even when something fun comes to an end; his heart can be thankful when he sets his mind on the best things in his life.  This book helps little ones to understand how giving thanks warms hearts and brings joy." - Publishers

Be the Change

This Thanksgiving reflect through your thankful heart. How do you wish to 'redefine being grateful' this year? Reflect on the different ways you'd like to make each day a Thanksgiving day this year?