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Moved by Love is a volunteer-run space facilitating projects that shift our culture towards a greater sense of trust, connection and community. Simply put, it's a portal dedicated to acts of radical generosity. It is centered around 'Lok Mitras' or 'Friends of the People' who support each others internal journey through sharing of stories on a regular basis. Through introspective retreats Lok Mitras connect with one another by sharing what makes them come alive in their journey of serving community invisibly, adding flavor to whatever environment they are in.

"Lok Mitras" resonate with the following principles:

Manifest a project that is "moved by love"

Engage in the process with the understanding of "being the change"

Honor projects from its roots to the tips of its branches

Commit to shift from an ideology of "me" to "we"

Foster diversity and avoid an echo chamber effect

Spread the work via organic ripples

Distribute and decentralize as much as possible.

Our Projects

Some of the Moved By Love projects include:

Ahmedabad Nu Rickshawala: a 'pay it forward' rickshaw started in June 2010, which allows travelers to shift their mindset from transaction-based society to a community rooted in trust.

The Smile Store: is a community run space centered around sharing of resources. People who have items in a good condition that they do not need bring them to the smile store to share with others who could use them.

Wisdom Crafts: value-based products that are offered on a gift-economy basis -- where there are no prices and it is up to the buyers to reflect the value of each product and pay what they are inspired to offer.

How Can I USe It

Volunteer: be a part of the ongoing projects

Share: If you're involved in projects that are "moved by love", share your journey through our blog

Visit www.movedbylove.org or engage with any of our projects: Seva Cafe, The Smile Store, Gift-Economy Rickshaw