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KarmaTube brings inspiring stories to light through the power of video and the web. It showcases these stories on its website and features a new one in its popular e-newsletter each week. While some of the videos are the work of professional filmmakers others are diamonds-in-the-rough created by gifted amateurs. The common thread running through them is that every single one celebrates a facet of good in our world.

This service was created in 2007 by a group of friends who wondered why there wasn't a YouTube equivalent for inspiring videos. And then set about building one by themselves. Every story on KarmaTube is accompanied by three simple ideas meant to spark deeper engagement with the theme of that particular video. These handcrafted suggestions can often be as simple and immediate as writing a thank-you note to an everyday hero or doing a random act of kindness for a stranger. They are an invitation to multiply acts of kindness, beauty, and generosity in our world.

Run by an all-volunteer team, KarmaTube's story scouts and editors dedicate hundreds of hours to finding and vetting inspiring videos, crafting story blurbs and the take-action ideas that will accompany them. All its content and newsletters are ad-free and offered in the spirit of a gift - at no charge.

KarmaTube currently has 33,000 + subscribers worldwide.

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What Our Users Have to Say

"Thank you for your videos and I just shared about 18 of them with my best friend who just loves them. You keep my energy up and pick it up when I am feeling low and disconnected from people, which I have been isolated, so thank you so much." --Arielle

"I have been addicted to KarmaTube ever since stumbling across it nearly a year ago with the luck of an accidental misspell in my google search. I have a honors degree in journalism from Kings University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and am currently in school to become a secondary school teacher where I know I will be using your site to teach global citizenship to my students. I would absolutely love to be a part of your project by helping to contribute content, video descriptions and "be the change." --Jenna P.

"Thank you for taking the time to write back to me. I really admire what you guys do, one day I was extremely dissappointed at the news, then I looked up for good news, that's how I found you, so I would like to help, and let the people know about what you do and help the people who help others, I have been thinking about starting a blog but is just that I got so much going on, so there has to be something else to do, I thought contacting you would be a good idea. thanks for all the inspiration." --Eric W.

"This thought of yours is really inspiring in todays world where there is such a lot of unkindness. I hope I will be able to make maximum use of your thought, because I now started to feel that I am the only one who keeps on doing good and the ones receiving it just don't care. But surely when I have neeeded help someone else unexpected has helped me out. So thanks for lifting up my spirits again."