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Awakin is a curated repository of secular wisdom that offers people a chance to explore their own life and experiences more deeply via insightful readings and community. Through this service a short handpicked passage is emailed to inboxes all over the world every week. It is an invitation for people to shake off habitual preoccupations and access a more reflective space within.

This project put down its roots in the autumn of 1998, when three friends made a spontaneous commitment to sit in silence together every Wednesday evening. Each week after meditation they shared a home cooked meal and discussed passages themed around wisdom and compassion. Fourteen eventful years later, that circle of three has grown to encompass 50-70 people each week. It is still hosted out of the same humble Silicon Valley living room it began in, but over the years Wednesday-inspired gatherings have sprung up all over the world. Now these weekly meditation sits take place in Washington DC, New York, Boston, Toronto, London and Ahmedabad as well.

Awakin's all-volunteer team includes a small band of discerning editors and a gifted voice-artist, who select, format and record the reading that is emailed out each week. Whether or not people attend a meditation gathering, they can still enjoy reading or listening to the weekly passage that like all ServiceSpace offerings is delivered as a no-strings gift.

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Share the inspiration! If you read a passage on Awakin that you like, send it to your family, friends, and loved ones. Or if you discover other passages that inspire you, send them to us for a chance to share them with our readers.

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Start A Local Sit! If you're inspired to initiate a similar meditation gathering in your own community, drop us a note. We'd love to hear from you and are happy to share what we've learned from our own experience.

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What Our Users Have to Say

"I am truly awed by the 'Wednesday' events! I was incredibly touched and motivated by its generosity. Thank you for sharing with me what abundance is like, and what it means to put spiritual ideals into practice in real life. When I was suffering at the lowest moments of my life, when I felt misunderstood and hopeless and a real poverty of spirit, your community provided me with a bright spot and the faith in humanity needed to work my way out of my misery. Within a few months, by August, I felt like a changed person. I was able to go with the flow, speak confidently to guests and fellow servers, and just felt like a freer, lighter person." --JT

"Perhaps its just me, but I end up receiving the right reading at just the time. There's must be some magic to Awakin's timing! Or maybe its that the reading are so thoughtful that they can relate to so many people in just the right ways. Either way, you have my heartfelt appreciation for continuing to do this week in and week out for so long!" --Madhur