Below are our projects in-a-nutshell. All of our programs are centered around people, our 341,235 members. To learn more about any of the projects or to get involved, click on the name to learn more.

Latest Emergence

AI + Wisdom: Can ancient wisdom and modern tech find a middle path? How do we work at the intersection of algorithmic intelligence, evolutionary intuition, and collective emergence? We've launched more 80 bots with prominent authors, indigenous wisdom keepers and historical figures -- and you! Join us to co-create a new narrative.

Online Pods: A peer learning platform designed to cultivate deep relationships and collective awakening of spirit through a head, heart, hands orientation. Designed for "many to many" learning, cultivating context (over content), and building a field of emergence where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Local Retreats: post-pandemic, we've seen a big need to return to in-person gatherings. Tapping into our experience of having hosted 100+ multi-day retreats around the globe, we've been most recently hosting in India, US, Japan, Europe (Vienna and London), Vietnam and many other spaces around the world.

Inspirational Content

image KindSpring: To encourage anonymous acts of kindness, we started a fun game of tag -- do a selfless act for someone, and leave a card behind telling them to pay it forward. 1,457,308 smile cards have been shipped anonymously without any charge. On KindSpring.org, more than 125,753 members have generated 215,536 kindness stories. With a high-demand for more tools from teachers, we've created new offerings like Smile Decks which has a different kindness idea on each of the 52 cards. Our weekly newsletter with top picks of kindness stories has grown to 140,439 subscribers in a short time.

image KarmaTube: A collection of short,"do something" videos coupled with simple actions that every viewer can take. Our vision is to create and connect a global network of volunteers to create uplifting stories that celebrate the work of local change agents. And encourage people to "Take a Pledge" to make a small change in their daily lives. The KarmaTube site currently hosts 1416 inspiring videos with more than 36,743 newsletter subscribers to its "Video of the Week." Its tagline reminds us to: Watch. Be Inspired. Act.

image DailyGood: every day, 108,360 subscribers receive an email with uplifting news, an insightful quotation, and a small call to action that people can take in their own lives.

Karuna News: extraordinary, positive changes are happening all around the world every day but they often get overshadowed by sensational and shocking news. Not any more. Welcome to a portal of "news that inspires" -- news of people responding with compassion.

Gift-Ecology Projects

image Awakin Circles: A hub for local meditation circles that started in the Silicon Valley and have now spread to 80+ cities around the globe. The circle start with an hour of silence, followed by a circle of sharing and dinner in silence. A newsletter with a passage selected from various wisdom traditions and an audio reading is sent out to 87,000 subscribers each week. See also Awakin Calls that hosts weekly conversations with wide-ranging thought leaders.

image Conversations: A place for in-depth conversations, originally started as an art magazine in the early 1990's by Richard Whittaker. This project is now fully run on a gift-economy basis. All the costs associated with the magazine are covered entirely by the support from grateful readers and other supporters of the work. In addition to the magazine and website, its e-newsletter reaches 30,556 subscribers.

image Karma Kitchen: What started as an experiment run by a team of volunteers each week, has now served over 34,000 guests through the pay-it-forward model in 18 pop-up locations. Guests continue to pour-in each week mainly through word-of-mouth, to enjoy the community ambiance. With over 21,600 hours of volunteer contributions, volunteers in other cities were inspired to start their own Karma Kitchen. In addition to Berkeley, you can now also enjoy the delicious meals made with love in Washington DC, and Chicago.

Volunteer & Non-Profit Support

image Laddership Circles: A six-week immersive program for project initiators to dive into the nuances of leading with inner transformation, learn about gift ecology design thinking, and cultivate new patterns of positive deviance that may emerge through the process. We started as an experiment in 2015, that led upto an innovative Pod Platform -- a peer learning technology designed to cultivate deep relationships through a head, heart, hands orientation.

image CF Sites: CharityFocus began in 1999 serving non-profit organizations (NPOs) with web solutions when the cost of a website was too enormous for most non-profits to afford. 1,040 volunteers successfully completed 254 website projects. We later created our own in-house technology called CF Sites to allow NPO's to build their own basic websites and host them with us at no cost. CFSites has helped create more than 7,920 websites for various causes around the world.

image Moved By Love: Moved By Love is our portal for South Asia. They have hosted over 100 3-day retreats, including the monthly "Hands, Head, Heart" retreats, and incubate a wide-ranging gift-economy projects from Seva Cafe to a rickshaw to Wisdom Crafts. It is also home to many online activities like ProPoor that hosts a database of over 14 thousand NGOs. Its ripples have reaches millions of people in India.