Austria, Ripples, Love Army
--Harald Katzi
May 23, 2019

We are in the middle of a lot of exciting events in Vienna this week, with Nipun visiting us for a few days.

Sophie and Alma's organized an Awakin Circle where they had to stop the registrations at their capacity of 70. :) Even after couple hours, there was this deep silence as the group started to feel like a whole organism bound in love. At the end, we took Valetin's circus prop and created a circle and sang a song:

Helmut and Julia (who can't stop speaking about her recent Laddership Circle) hosted a Corporate Culture Jam with couple hundred corporate leaders, who were "mindblown" and elevated with an introduction to ServiceSpace's design principles. Karin, in her introduction, shared openly about the closing keynote: "We've spoken a lot about innovation and questioning status quo. But we haven't thought of challenging the notion of money itself. Can we innovate without money?"

Yesterday, Kathrin and Ulli hosted a beautiful Karma Kitchen at their restaurant in Eisenstadt.

Christina and Georg, people behind OOOM magazine, are hosting their first Awakin Circle! To close the circle, Georg called it "one of the most significant hours of my life!"

And today is our first "Laddership Retreat", with inspired change-makers, with some folks from government (given current chaos right now), and some inspiring youth like Jerome (founder of Love Army) who are visiting the country just to get exposed to ServiceSpace values:

Ripples are building on top of ripples -- and to think how it all started with a 24 hour layover. :)

Here's a photo of all our stretching our kindness muscles ... :)

You might remember the story of "Friendship Picnic" at the border of Austria and Hungary, and how that pre-empted the fall of the Wall. When I saw the mobius strip on the cover of Harvard Business Review, I was thinking of just that -- and how a group of friends in ServiceSpace have mainstreamed so many ideas (from 'mobiosity' to 'pay it forward') in a way that no one can trace it back to you. That genuine detachment from needing attention and credit, with the understanding that we're all in a series of connected dominos, is what really inspires me about all of you. Thank you.


Posted by Harald Katzi on May 23, 2019

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