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Posted by Alma Gall on Jul 3, 2018
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Deeply inspired by Nipun’s last visit to Vienna in April, Sophie and I thought it would be wonderful to be able to offer an Awakin Circle which is central, as the Awakin Circle Donaustadt organised by Christine and Heide takes place at the outskirts of Vienna. When we brainstormed about a suitable place, immediately “Markhof” came to mind, which is located in the heart of Vienna. This Co-learning and Co-working space is all about community-building in an inspiring atmosphere - a beautiful location indeed, at which also Vienna’s first Karma Kitchen was held. Stefan, one of the co-managers of Markhof, was not only willing to host us, but he also he offered us the most beautiful room in all of their facilities!

On the 14th of June, we were more than happy to welcome over 20 people into the circle - they all came from different backgrounds - some family members, some friends and strangers, or better said friends that we had not met yet :). Some of them had meditated before, some were brave enough to simply show up and try. What an enriching experience in silence and community for all of us! Of course the home-made meal was another highlight of the evening: Dhal, rice, salad and some crunchy Pita from Foodsharing was served with a lot of love. My grandmother had prepared a vegan apricot pie for everyone, something I was especially grateful for, yum!

The same week we were also contacted by the organizers of the SEVA India Festival, who will host us during the India Festival in September, which also takes place at Markhof. Sophie and I are both filled with a lot of joy and gratitude and really can’t wait for the second circle on the 12th of July and third circle at the India Festival - you are more than welcome to join! And of course there are also the wonderful circles in Donaustadt by Christine and Heide (10th & 24th of July).

Ulli, Kathrin and Christine (Awakin hosts) and Inés, a friend from Argentina also joined the circle :)!

Ps.: Many thanks to Christine, who already wrote a blog post about the circle much earlier than myself! Just saw it now - what a joy :D!

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