Third Awakin Circle In Austria Starts!

Posted by Christine Lendorfer on Jun 14, 2018
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I just returned from the launch of our third Awakin Circle in Austria! And what a magic circle it was!

Initiated by Alma and Sophie, in the center of Vienna, these youngsters holding the circle really made this shift from Me to We happen.

Sophie's brief introduction to the meditation was so important, especially for people who meditated for the first time. In the second hour, Alma inspired the participants to listen empathically and to trust that the right words will appear when it is their turn to share.

By the end, we were all in the flow of gratitude. By holding space for 20 people, sharing thoughts and serving a wonderful vegan dinner, a spirit of community and love came into focus.

A BIG Thank you to Alma and Sophie for starting this circle. And thank you, Nipun, whose trip ripples continue on and whose spirit was very present in the circle.

The magic of the circle is something we can always rely on. It happens so naturally, because, after all, we are all connected and part of something much bigger than ourselves.

What a joy!

P.S. Next Karma Kitchen Austria will be in Eisenstadt on August 31st!

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  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    How exciting, Christine! It's particularly inspiring to see the young people like Alma anchoring the circle ...