Conversation With The Termites:)

Posted by Trupti Pandya on Apr 19, 2018
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At one of the recent Awakin circle Arun dada shared one of his experiences on interconnectedness with nature. In his home town, he had a huge Neem tree in his compound. It started getting affected by the termites so for the first few days he tried to remove them gently but the termites kept coming.

One day he decided to deal with them in a different way. He went to the tree and started having a conversation with the termites. He said, “I understand that you must be feeling hungry and to survive you have been feeding on this tree but this tree should also survive right? The termites in return asked dada, in that case what do we eat? Dada replied, I will keep other pieces of dry wood for you to eat. You eat those and not the tree.” After this conversation dada placed some dry wood besides the tree and went back to his room.

Next day Dada saw that the termites had shifted to the heap of dry wood and had left the Neem tree that they were feeding upon.

Dada said that this could be a coincidence also but I feel that we are all interconnected. We might think that they would not understand but they do. With a big smile he added, in fact they understood my language whereas I did not:-))

As always he shared a conversation with Vinoba ji where someone asked him, I understand why God has made all these domestic animals, fruits and vegetation as it is good for the humanity but I don’t understand why God has made all these poisonous animals like snake and scorpion that are harmful and creates fear in me?
Vinoba said, “God has made them to make you realize that this universe is not only made for you and for your own benefits.”

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Comments (3)

  • Jaideep Jagadeeshwar Rao wrote ...

    beautiful :) keep collecting and sharing more Arun Dada's wisdom :)

  • Trishala Parmar wrote ...

    I could just feel how our intentions of doing good are being heard and can change the most strange situations .Thank you for sharing,Moved! :)

  • Vinod Eshwer wrote ...

    All beings sense our intentions more than they listen to our words. Communication and connection happens from the heart. Words are mere boxes that carry our intentions.