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Posted by Trupti Pandya on May 29, 2017
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Every time we go to visit Arun dada's house, he shares little wisdom stories. Sharing a few here.

Story # 1

Vinoba ji shared that there are four types of people:

Aadham (अधम) - These are the people who see ‘Dosha’ (faults/vices) in others.
Maadhyam (मध्यम) - These are the people who sees both ‘Guna’ and ‘Dosha’ (virtues & vices/faults).
Uttam (उतम) - These are the people who sees only ‘Guna’.
Uttama–Uttam (उतम-उतम) - These are the people who will not only see ‘Guna’ in others but will amplify even the minutest good /virtue in others.

Vinoba ji shared that we have to practice to be the fourth kinds where we are not only seeing the good but are also amplifying it.

He further shared that "Guna" (virtues) are like a door and "Dosh" (vices) are like a wall. If we want to reach someone, we need to see the virtues in that person as that will act as a door to his heart. If we will keep looking at the vices we will just keep banging our head on the wall.

Story # 2
Once, Jesus Christ was passing by a street. He saw a person stealing from a passerby’s pocket. Jesus Christ walked to the thief and asked him why he stole. The thief denied and said he had not stolen anything. Jesus Christ said that he had seen with his own eyes and that his eyes cannot lie. The thief again denied and said he promised on God that he had not stolen anything. Christ smiled and said, “I have more faith in the name of God then my eyes and he silently walked away”.

Story # 3
Question: In the bhoodan movement, did you have fear or doubts in your mind before you entered a village? Did you ever wonder how would the villagers respond? Were you cautious of anything?

Arun dada: The only thing I was cautious of was to not to lose trust. Like our body needs oxygen to survive, in the same way to work within the community, trust is vital (समाज में काम करने के लिए विश्वास जरुरि है). If I will hold mistrust within, the same is going to be reflected outside, so it is very important to be aware of our intention.

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  • Xiaojuan Shu wrote ...

    I'm loving these stories and teachings! Thank you! Uttama–Uttam (उतम-उतम)
    Not only see the goodness in others, but also amplify it in others. I will need to chew on this for a long time...