Awakin Harrow, With Nipun Mehta & Gandhi's Grandson!

Posted by Mita Shah on Jun 25, 2019
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Among the flurry of events during the last weekend in London, we held an Awakin Circle with Nipun in Harrow:

And at the very last minute, we learned of an additional guest that was joining us -- Rajmohan Gandhi, the grandson of Gandhi!

We feel blessed to have been part of this very special evening -- with friends like monk Jin Wei from California, Kai Sawyer from Japan, Krish Raval OBE from our local community and host of other inspirations. Nipun anchored the evening around the message of: ‘It’s not what we do but who we become from what we do and what are we seeking through that becoming process. The size of what we all do doesn’t matter because we are all instruments of the same grace.’

We are sure yesterdays grace has inspired us to reflect and connect deeper into life and the evolutionary process of becoming. May we continue to build bridges which ripple out far and wide to touch and open all to grace. We are very grateful for everyone's kind offerings and so many helping hands and hearts to make it all happen. Every moment is significant, let us live it consciously!

Enjoy these photos and full audio-recording of the inspiring dialogue that unfolded between Nipun and Rajmohan Gandhi that evening. :-)

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Comments (2)

  • KM Bhai wrote ...

    wonderful program..

  • Rita wrote ...

    Thank you for the recording. Truly wonderful and thought provoking. Nipun and all in Service Space - I humbly bow to you for the amazing generosity you practice from the deepest of being!