Bayarea: UnTickets? (+Teens, Retreat, Six+1 Lessons)
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Jun 4, 2019

Dear Friends,

Thank you to so many of you who came out for the glorious Jai Jagat shows last month! And this month certainly promises to build on those tidal-wave ripples ...

June 8th @4PM, local teens are circling up! As a gifted educator, Andy felt schools should be about learning and not curriculum; about teachers being human and not "certified"; about students being happy, not merely successful. In 1995, he started a "school without a campus" in Seattle. It took off. They made the news for their kindness class. And it continues to thrive to this day. This weekend, Andy is anchoring our intimate Awakin Teens Circle in San Jose! More details/RSVP.

June 15-16 weekend, Lee Mun Wah was a Chinese American educator when his mother was shot five times and killed by a stranger at her doorstep. It turned his life upside down, and his inner transformation journey led him into filmmaking. His early film, Color of Fear, is now required viewing for all incoming freshmen at all UC colleges and has been watched by millions. After Oprah heard his story, she did a one-hour special on him in 1995. Since then, Mun Wah has been working to transform barriers into bridges. Next weekend, we are honored to have him as one of the anchors for our "Being with the Other" retreat in Marin. Learn more/RSVP.

On June 29-30th, some of the living Buddhist luminaries, from Ajahn Brahm to Karma Lekshe to Norman Fischer, are convening for a global conference at UC Berkeley's Zellerbach Hall. When Diana and Coleman approached us to co-create the conference, we piloted a somewhat radical idea -- what if you could also purchase a ticket with alternate wealth? 7 acts of kindness, or 8 hours of meditation, or a 5-minute selfie. We have been blown away by the responses. Check out unTickets!

Aryae, who is known locally for his remarkable real-life stories at Awakin Circle, recently wrote a gorgeous reflection on the circle itself:
Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a door with the strange feeling that, if you choose to open it and walk inside, life will never be the same? For me, it was on a balmy Wednesday in the summer of 2013. [...] “I don’t understand how it's all happening!” "If you told me you understood, I’d know you didn’t!” Six Lessons (+ 1) From My First Awakin Circle

P.S. Some visuals from Vienna last week. Love everywhere.

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