Karma Kitchen In Surat: Passport Edition
--Parag Shah
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May 27, 2019

We had an amazing time yesterday at our monthly Karma Kitchen in Surat, as always. :)

Every month we have a different theme, and this time, each guest got a "passport":

It also included this description:

"Every interaction we have in our lives gives us an opportunity to connect with another person at a deeper level. When you start out with an intention to be generous it spurs you past the confines of your own life and opens you up to all the various ways our journeys intersect with each other. At Karma Kitchen the beauty of that comes alive in different ways - such as the community table. Or the fact that every week strangers come together to volunteer as part of a once-in-a-lifetime crew that assembles and dissolves only to be assembled and dissolved again with a different set of people week after week after week. And the whole thing happens unburdened by expectation. As one guest said, "The fact that this meal was offered to me as a gift, made me wonder about where this food came from, and the hands that had helped cook it. Instead of wondering about whether I was getting my money's worth. I woke up to the inter-connectedness of our lives."

Our theme was to raise global consciousness, and we drew a world map where Karma Kitchens were held ...

Among the many ripples of love, one volunteer overhead a couple sharing about their marriage anniversary. Few minutes day, another volunteer zipped out of the restaurant and bought a cake, and by the end of the couple's meal, the received a cake! You can imagine the smiles on their faces. :)

In the closing circle, most of the aha moments for volunteers revolved around small act of kindness and care shown by their fellow volunteers! The cherry on the cake was when two strangers who volunteered to clean dishes shared how they had an amazing time connecting with each other over washing dishes!!!!

What an honour to be with volunteers who serve with this spirit of service.

Posted by Parag Shah on May 27, 2019

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