Bayarea: New Story Retreat (+ Global Home)
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Jan 9, 2019

Dear Bayarea Friends,

Trust that the New Year has you buzzing with possibility! As we kick off 2019, a few local and global tidbits ...

In the Bay Area, we're starting the year with a special weekend retreat! -- 'A New Story' -- RSVP here

With renowned author Charles Eisenstein, story-telling professor (for 20 years!) Brian Conroy, and many other inspirations (including musicians!), we're delighted to gather and soak in collective wisdom around this topic:
Every culture has a story -- a weaving of narratives, symbols, and agreements that help us define and navigate the world. Today's dominant culture tells a story of separation, where we are separate from nature; entrenched in competition; where generosity and trust are exemplars rather than norms. However, this story is giving way to a new one.

With growing awareness of ecology's interdependence, complexity theory's power of emergence, and neuroscience of intrinsic kindness -- our hope for the gathering is to pluck an ancient chord of recognition. It's in our nature to pour forth our gifts. What does the world look like, when each of us expand our capacities in service to our interconnections? How might our systems of government, economy, families and spirit transform in the process? How do we shift from a story of separation to interconnection, from economies of scarcity to abundance? What is the “New Story” we are living into today?

On Jan 26-27th in West Marin, we'll explore those questions and more. We have very limited open spots, but once you RSVP, we'll keep you posted about creative options as they emerge. :)

Around the world, we continue to be awed by exemplars living into that new story -- most recently highlighted in year-end blog posts across our ecosystem! TLDR: 18 journeys chronicled in Audrey's Laddership Digest. As Birju commented on that post, "I'm in awe of this synthesis". In Costa Rica, David Bullon talks transformation with the country's government. On the holy banks of a river in India, two Pandya sisters are walking a 1700-mile pilgrimage! (More live stories from them.) In London, Trishna's 10-year ripples. By the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, Suchi reports "live" from a Mindful Families retreat! To your top-10 list reading, add Gayathri's 10 Memorable Awakin Calls. In Vietnam, Giang gets 800 applicants for her "School Without Walls," and this year, she went "seriously 100%".

Last but not least, in the Philippines, Ana reflects on a year of ripples: "We remain a Catholic school, but you guys changed the way we live our intention. Like changing the destination on an internal GPS. The whole universe began to recalculate and shift. In the beginning, the shift is disconcerting, but now, it’s clear what it means -- when you decide to "love all, serve all" HOME is everywhere and anywhere."

Suddenly, the world feels a little closer. A “new story” stretching to life. Love all, serve all.

P.S. In Germany, OOOM featured 100 inspiring people -- including four from our ecosystem, and Lady Gaga. Of course. :)

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