OOOM's Top 100 Of 2018 -- Four From SSp Community!
--Christine Lendorfer
Dec 16, 2018


I just bought the magazine OOOM -- and they have just published their 100 most inspiring people of 2018! And I saw Nipun's mention on the cover, next to Lady Gaga's photo! How fantastic! Among the hundred are Nipun, Masami Saionji, Sister Lucy, and Otto Scharmer!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How fantastic! There are Nobel Prize winners, politicians, artists, scientists, everyday heroes, actors and actresses, architects, reporters --- you name it, so many different categories of important inspirational people in the world -- how hard the ranking must have been!

When Nipun visited Vienna two months ago, by stroke of serendipity, I was at one of his lunch meetings with Georg and Christina Kindel. They casually asked Nipun for names of inspiring people from our ecosystem, but then they named him as well! Talk about a ripple. :)

The article about Nipun is really amazing! The journalist, Gabriella, was also at our lunch and she mentioned how she had left the building but then got mysteriously pulled in for the closing keynote at BOKU -- and that's how she was introduced to ServiceSpace! See below for the German article (and we'll try to do a translation soon).


Posted by Christine Lendorfer on Dec 16, 2018

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