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Posted by Trupti Pandya on Jul 23, 2018
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Self-care is never a selfish act. It is simply good stewardship of the only gift that I have, the gift that I was put on earth to offer other. -Parker Palmer

Inspite of rains, last Sunday, a bunch of us came together to cherish 'My-time' which was this month’s theme for Heart circle. Personally, I could think of my school time when after a series of lectures suddenly we would get a surprise free class. I am sure all of you must have experienced the joy of that priceless ‘time’.

These two hours was like a speed-breaker on the road of our life where at times we miss to put a tick on our leisure-time wish list. Research also shows how taking out leisure time elevates one’s physical and psychological health thus the intention was to take a pause in our fast-forward life and connect to self by doing something with our hands that would nourish both our heads and hearts.

Suratvanti made this beautiful painting with her favorite quote ‘Be’. She traveled 15 km one way to share her presence with all of us and in spite of being such a good artist she had shared how she doesn't feel like selling her art-work instead she chooses to be in such spaces where art is used as a form of love and expression.

Jaimit who is a community weaver plus have a six-day 8-6 job hours shared how he was looking forward to this time in silence where he could sit, reflect and finally journal few experiences that he wanted to write from a long time. He shared how these two hours also went away with a blink of the eye and is looking forward to more silent spaces.

Manali who has equal working hours shared how with the kind of busyness that she is undergoing, the awareness and alertness both are at stake. In her ‘Me time’ also what comes to her mind is the list of things that are pending vs things that she would love to do. Today’s invitation came as a reminder to take that pause from the treadmill and dip her hands into something that she would nurture her.

I choose to doodle while being aware of my breath and thoughts. In between my mind did ‘think to think' about the design and outlook but I just let it go and let my pen just flow. I could feel my mind resisting but I was happy that I was aware. I chose to let the words flow in my journal too and at the end of two hours I was feeling not only lighter but my state of mind had shifted from consumption to contribution.

Rohini who came to our circle for the first time shared how she had no clue about the flow for the evening and that surprise element made her absorb them. She shared how she was feeling so peaceful as well as detached from what was going on around her while she was making these little woolen flowers and clay art. She added that how as a child she use to enjoy doing this and she had almost forgotten how to make it, but this space helped her reconnect with that memory.

Swara shared how she has been keen on doing something on waste management. This video moved her to take the first step to at
least segregate the dry-wet waste at her home for which she made these artistic labels to put up on the dustbins. She put her hands in the dustbin which looked dirty but once she segregated she felt satisfied. She later shared how this basic segregation might be able to save one life-one turtle.

We had two kids also joining our circle for the first time. I feel so grateful for each one’s presence. They make my life more rich, colorful and magical with their simple presence and authentic reflection. Thank-you

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Comments (3)

  • Suratvanti Ashwin wrote ...

    The video that Swara has shared, brought tears to my eyes. What the animal was going through...

  • Amit Arora wrote ...

    I am coming to the next HeArt circle. You guys are amazing. Gratitude.

  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    I'd like to follow Amit to the next circle too! :)