Bayarea: This Weekend! (Nimo, Kindful Kids, Turning 23)
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Apr 20, 2018

Dear Ones,

Thank you for so many wonderful circles last month, from Easter Bowing to literally being graced by Grace. :)

Coming up ...
This Sunday, Nimo's back in town! We're circling up for an early evening of stillness, stories, and songs at Banyan Grove. RSVP here.

Also this weekend: Arathi and Joel are hosting "Our Children Are Our Awakeners" circle with John Malloy in East Bay, as Brinda and a crew of Kindful Kids are spreading smiles at a park in the South Bay!

And coming soon ...
Next Saturday, Apr 28, Shiv's celebrating his 23rd birthday with 23 acts of kindness -- and you're welcome to join.

Next Sunday, Apr 29, friends from Austria, Texas, birthday buddies Shiv and Ami, and many others are serving up lunch at Karma Kitchen in Berkeley, 11AM to 3PM!

On May 6th, Xiao's hosting an afternoon Tea Ceremony, followed by our monthly 4PM Awakin Circle at Banyan Grove -- perhaps with some stories from visiting nun, Mu Deng!

Sachi and friends also just released a moving Gandhi 3.0 video, which featured this beautiful and spontaneous quote:

"The world needs change, yes. The education system is broken, the political system is broken, every possible system you can think of needs change. But as you deepen, one might say the biggest system that needs change is this -- my own mind, the fragmented way in which I look at the world." That's really hard, but maybe if you and I hold that inquiry together, a third new possibility might reveal itself in the co-created field of our love. A possibility of inner and outer transformation.

With gratitude for our co-created fields of love ...

P.S. A rather long :) but lovingly transcribed talk at a January circle: On Relationships

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