Gandhi 3.0 Video! :)
--Sachi Maniar
Apr 7, 2018

"The world needs change, yes. The education system is broken, the political system is broken, every possible system you can think of needs change. But as you deepen, one might say the biggest system that needs change is this -- my own mind, the fragmented way in which I look at the world." That's really hard, but maybe if you and I hold that inquiry together, a third new possibility might reveal itself in the co-created field of our love. A possibly of inner and outer transformation.

With some wonderful editing work by Divyang, and a gang of our media volunteers, here is our Gandhi 3.0 video ...

Just seeing the screenshot of all our happy faces makes my heart sing! Thank you, all, for those incredible 5-10 days that none of us ever could've predicted.

Posted by Sachi Maniar on Apr 7, 2018

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