Bear Wisdom With Rev. Heng Sure!
--Rahul Brown
Mar 8, 2018

It was a great honor to have the "world premiere" of Bear Wisdom at last weekend's Awakin Kids circle! Here it is for the adults too ...

The backstory here is that Shagun's work on Sesame Street India lead to this great question around what it would look like if kids had access to the wisdom of spiritual teacher through the medium of puppet interviews. She was over at my place when she shared the idea, I loved it, rounded up Sachi and Tejas and went off the the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery when Rev Heng Sure agreed to be interviewed. At the end of the totally unscripted shoot, the auspicious serendipity behind the effort grew when Rev. Heng Sure gifted us with one of his puppets!!

We learned a lot in this world premiere at Awakin Kids. Biggest lesson is that kids love this and watch with rapt attention if they've just meditated for 20 min :-) but its perhaps a little too long to hold their attention in the normal flow of life. We're thinking that perhaps 3 - 5 minutes may be the ideal length for future videos.

Going forward, we plan to interview many more wise people in both California and India, so our little ones (and bigger ones) have a regular stream of access to these sweet gems.

There's a lot for us to learn as we make these better and better, and we're eager for all of your thoughts and ideas on how to make them more engaging for kids and adults alike :-)

Posted by Rahul Brown on Mar 8, 2018

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