What A Seven Year Old Is Teaching Us

Posted by Trupti Pandya on Dec 3, 2017
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Amit-bhai is one of the silent volunteers behind our local Awakin Circle in Baroda. By trade, he is social entrepreneur working on waste management; and by heart, he is a loving father to Shona, his 7 year old home-schooled daughter.

Some time back, while Shona was getting bored, she announced that she is going to another room to sit in silence. Initially, her parents didn't believe her, but after a few minutes, Amit-bhai went to peep into the room, and sure enough, she was sitting still! Very inspired, Amit-bhai himself went and sat next to his daughter.

Shona had put an alarm for 15 minutes, but when the alarm rang and she saw her father next to her, she continued sitting. At some point, Amit-bhai silently tip-toed out to complete his kitchen work, but Shona continued on even without an alarm! Eventually, both the parents saw her outside after 55 minutes!

Next day, the father-daughter duo continued to practice.

Shona has been coming to our Awakin circles for the past few months. As our youngest meditator, she patiently sits for 3 hours and happily passes her circle of sharing time to the person next to her. :)

Other children -- even if they don't have Shona's kind of patience to join the circle -- also find themselves pulled to help the circle in various ways, like vegetable chopping, or arranging the cushions before the circle, or ensuring that we all do our prayers before our dinner. :)

Little ones keep reminding us that inner transformation is independent of all boundaries we might have in our minds. It happens when the time is right. Even if you're just 4 years old.

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    Wow ! Thanks for sharing the inspiritions Shona is cultivating, nurturing and seeding...

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    🙏🏾 !!!